Diverse tentprofielen

For Stable-Rent from Elshout, we have rolled several tent profiles for their new SR-Tents since 2009. The profile cross-section and radii to be rolled were determined in mutual consultation. To expand the range, several profiles were rolled again in early 2016.

The SR Structure has a modern contemporary look, is safe, solid and can be applied in many ways. The SR Structure consists of aluminum structure with a size of 10×5 meters, which is extendable per section of 10×5 and thus offers a possibility to build the tent in different sizes. Opac sailcloth is used in the SR Tents.
The shape of the SR Structure is unique and highly resistant to various weather conditions. The shape of the fabric optimizes the drainage of water and/or snow and the wind resistance is 85 MPH. In addition, the application of the Opac sailcloth is also extremely suitable at high temperatures. This fabric regulates the climate in the tent and the ridge height makes it comfortable for people and horses.