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S-bochten Umspannwerk

Staalmeesters has supplied S-bends from Aluminum tube 200 x 10 for Umspannwerk. These are used as power conductors.

Trapbomen Stiege Burg

Staalmeesters B.V. has rolled stainless steel strip 240 x 10 stair stringers for the Stiege Burg Laa in A-2136 Laa on behalf of Stabikon.   

Project Trebel Brussel

In 2015 and addition in 2016, Staalmeesters rolled curved Bandrasters 100x20x2 mm from Aluminum Exctrusion Profile for the Trebel project in Brussels for approximately 42,000 m² of ceiling area. The Trebel project involved the demolition of the building on the corner...

Diverse tentprofielen

For Stable-Rent from Elshout, we have rolled several tent profiles for their new SR-Tents since 2009. The profile cross-section and radii to be rolled were determined in mutual consultation. To expand the range, several profiles were rolled again in early 2016. The SR...

Diefstal en Vandalisme Speeltuin Roeffen Mart in Grubbenvorst

In recent months, the regionally known playground Roeffen Mart in Grubbenvorst has been the victim of theft and vandalism several times. Twice expensive swings were stolen. In addition, a climbing castle was set on fire. The police are investigating the incidents but...

Nieuwe CNC gestuurde profielwals

Immediately after the construction period, our new CNC controlled profile roller from PBT will be installed. This means expansion of our capacity and more flexibility for our customers.